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Product Code : HG-1500


The Main Console Unit is the heart of the wireless home security system.  It monitors the sensors and responds according to how it is programmed, whenever the sensor is activated.  Once it receives the alarmed signal from the sensors, it automatically dials the preset telephone numbers advising the called party of the alarm type and caller's address to summon help.


Features Details
LCD Panel  2  lines
No. of wireless detectors 63 detectors
Frequency 433 Mhz.
RF Range 150 feet
Anti scanning & Anti grabbing system
Remote Control to arm/disarm the system
Keypad to arm/disarm the system
Dial from outside to Arm or Disarm the system
Two way voice communication
3 Operational Modes i.e., Away, Home, Disarm
4 segments of recorded voice messages identified by events
Preset telephone numbers 6 phone no.
Pulse/Tone selectable
Phone no. can be set to connect with extension number
Phone no. can be set from PABX system
Entry/Exit Time programmable 1-255 second
Alarm Time programmable 1-255 second
Audio LCD Display for telephone line trouble warning
Door bell/Chime Function 
Capable to connect wired peripheral sensors
Emergency Help Button
Rechargeable battery backup system


Smart Security System Versus other System


Outstanding features of SMART SECURITY HG-1500

International approvals by CE , FCC, JATE and DOC




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