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The PIR Motion Detector is designed to monitor the wide areas by detecting the persons' activity during day, night and away times.  When the body heat movement is detected, a RF signal is sent to the main console to activate the alarm.  The effective range of the PIR Motion Detector is 40 feet long and with an 100 degree horizontal angle.  

Also, an optional detection mode (Mode W) can be selected to extend the battery life.  


Features Details
Coverage Angle 100 degree wide
Effective Distance 40 feet
Power Source 9V DC
alkaline battery
Frequency 433 Mhz.
Home Status activation or non-activation selectable
Battery Life about 18 months
Low battery Detection
Sensitivity 1-2-4 pulses selectable
Sensor Type wireless transmitter
System ID Code hopping code


Smart Security System Versus other System


Outstanding features of SMART SECURITY HG-1500

International approvals by CE , FCC, JATE and DOC




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