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Smart Security System Versus other System
Our main console shows their working status/information through LCD screen.  It is user friendly and easy to understand.

The system can install up to 63 wireless sensors which allows you to add more detectors and accessories later once your future need may require.

Our system are sold to in Europe, the USA, Canada and Japan and also receive international approval from these countries. 

This can ensure that you have chosen one of the best home security system for protecting you and your family.
 Outstanding features of SMART SECURITY HG-1500
  • All-in-One System
    Our security system covers all emergency situations, including burglary, fire, panic and medical assistance, providing a new level of safety and security.
  • Fully Wireless
    All detectors in the system have built-in radio transmitters, so no hard wiring is required.  Installation can be completed very quickly and can install up to 63 wireless detectors.  You can also expand the system easily whenever you need to.
  • Anti-scanning and Anti-grabbing
    Our system provides over millions codes for radio transmitter.  By using the smart code learning technology, only learned transmitters can be incorporated in the system, which keeps the system safe and free from interference.
  • LCD Display
    The system reports all working status through LCD panel which is very easy to use and understand e.g., display the exact position and type of sensors once alarmed / low battery indication / telephone line trouble warning and etc.
  • Remote Telephone Line Control
    You can dial in from a touch-tone telephone or a mobile phone anywhere in the world to arm or disarm the system and/or to listen in or to check the alarm status.
  • Self Programming
    You can programme  Exit/Entry and Alarm time by yourself and can record 4 of your own voice messages.  Easily check what you have programmed by just pressing CHECK button to review sensor setting/phone setting and recorded messages.
  • 3 Operational Modes
    You can select 3 operational modes i.e., Away, Home or Disarm. 
  • Anti Tamper Protection
    When the detectors are opened/broken, the system will send the signal to the main console and it automatically dials the preset telephone numbers then advises the called party of the alarm type and caller's address to investigate the situation.
  • Window Open/Close Supervision
    While leaving your home, you are arming the system.  If you forget to close the window, there would be a warning sound to remind you that you forget to close the window.  With this additional feature, your home would be safer. 
  • Chime Function
    When the system is in disarm status, door sensor can be functioned as door bell.  When the door sensor is activating, the main console will sound 'ding-dong' to tell that somebody is opening the door. 
  • Battery Saving
    PIR Motion Detector can be set at MODE W to extent the battery life.  All battery can be used for up to 2 years.  With the internal battery backup, the system continues to operate without interruption during a power break. 
  • Emergency Help Button
    In case you need help in any emergency situation, you can press one touch HELP button at main console or Red Button at panic watch transmitter or PANIC button at your remote control to summon help. It is particular of benefit for senior citizens, women living alone or sick family members. 
  • Two-Way Voice Communication
    After the connection of an emergency call, the called party can listen in or talk with the people near the main console directly, to check whether they are safe and then take proper measures quickly. 
  • Two intelligent passwords
    Two layers of password are used with this system  i.e., Master Code for users whom you want them to know how to arm or disarm the system and Install Code for setting value, recording message and setting all phone numbers and other programming.
  • International Approvals
    Our products have obtained the international approvals i.e., CE (Europe), FCC (USA), JATE (Japan) and DOC (Canada) and have been sold in these countries for many years.  This can ensure that you have selected one of the best home security system to protect your home. 
  • Full Range of Accessories
    A complete range of accessories are supplied in HG-1500 system.  You may choose them according to the requirements of your environment, and expand the system easily whenever you need to.
  • One Year Warranty
    All products are guaranteed for one year.  Just call us at 0-2240-3122 (during office hour) or 0-1801-5432 for weekends when you need our service assistance.


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