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Our wireless home security system is designed to be as flexible as possible in order to meet your present needs, and also to adapt as your needs change.  Our wireless home security system  comprises of 3 parts i.e., 

The Main Console is the heart of the security system.  It monitors the sensors and responds according to how it is programmed, whenever the sensor is activated. Please click here for more information. | more

We have many kinds of wireless detectors e.g., PIR Motion Detector, Door/Window Detector, Smoke Detector and Gas Detector.  Please click here for more information. | more

Full range of accessories i.e., Remote Control, Range Extender, Keypad and Panic Watch Transmitter.  Please click here for more information.  | more

Protect your home or business with our wireless burglar alarm system.   Whether you're on the premises or away, our system can provide automatic around-the-clock protection against break-ins, burglaries and fires.  Additionally, the panic and medical help buttons, can summon assistance in the event of attack and medical problem.

It is important to note that since our system is wire free system, it is absolutely no need for wiring throughout the house and is easy to dismantle and move afterwards.  Also, a complete range of accessories are supplied in our system, you may choose them according to the requirements of your environment, and expand the system easily whenever you need to.

Wireless & Easy to Use:  No messy and expensive wiring is required to install the system

Expandability:  You can add different kinds of accessories to the system to create a more complex system as your future needs may require

Flexibility: You can choose the kinds of sensors and response actions for the system

Personalized: Programme the system to notify whoever you choose in the case of alarm activation

Smart Security System Versus other System


Outstanding features of SMART SECURITY HG-1500

International approvals by CE , FCC, JATE and DOC




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