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Product Code : HG-1500 System

The package is the standard package for burglar alarm system.  You can install the system yourself (DIY) easily or let our technician do it for you.

Since it is wireless, you need no expensive wiring to install the system and later you can add more detectors and accessories to the system to create a more complex system as your future need may require.

The package includes :

- HG-1500 Main Console Unit
- HG-120 PIR Motion Detector
- HG-122 Door/Window Detector
- SR-129 Remote Control
- SS-207 Siren with Strobe Light
- Rechargeable Battery
- AC Adapter


Other accessories:

- HG-118 Gas Detector
- HG-123 Door/Window Detector
- HG-124 Door Keypad
- HG-125 Smoke Detector
- HR-126 Range Extender
- SR-117 Panic Watch Transmitter



Smart Security System Versus other System


Outstanding features of SMART SECURITY HG-1500

International approvals by CE , FCC, JATE and DOC




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