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The magnetic Door/Window detector is a contact sensor applied on door/window. It monitors entry and exit points at your doors/windows. When the magnetic contact is opened/broken or the battery is in low level, the sensor will send out the signal to the main console.  The message of the triggered sensor can be read from the Main Console LCD Display.

There is also Open/Close Window Supervision function.  When you forget to close your window before leaving your house, the main console will emit a warning sound to remind you and the warning message will also be shown on the LCD panel.


Features Details
Frequency 433 Mhz.
Power Source (HG-122) 12V DC alkaline battery
Power Source (HG-123) 9V DC alkaline battery
RF Range 150 feet in open air space
Battery life 24 months
Low Battery Detection main console audible LCD display
Selectable application for door or window
Additional feature anti-tamper
Sensor Type wireless transmitter
System ID Code hopping code

Smart Security System Versus other System


Outstanding features of SMART SECURITY HG-1500

International approvals by CE , FCC, JATE and DOC




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